HEAT Patron : Guy Grossi

It is not only a great honour to be the patron of the HEAT program, it is also great fun.  I constantly have the opportunity to visit HEAT and experience first hand the value and the significance of HEAT’s work.

I was raised around food; I was brought up in the hospitality industry and was always fortunate to be surrounded by many passionate and positive role models.  I know for the majority of kids that go through HEAT that this opportunity has not been offered to them.  So they attend HEAT, I witness the program providing these young people with not only cooking and hospitality skills, but also with hope, positive role models, creative and life changing experiences and a sense of team and belonging.

Therefore, I value the staff and volunteer team who have brought this project to fruition, and I give them my congratulations. Because, by realising there are many young people who need encouragement and support, they have provided exactly that in an environment that will inspire confidence and the ability to succeed in their future endeavours, whether in the Hospitality industry, or not.

I congratulate every young person who has been brave enough to contact HEAT and embark on making positive change in their lives by doing the program.  I encourage the hospitality industry and the broader community to support HEAT in any way that adds value, and I look forward to continuing my support as HEAT operates over the coming years.


Guy Grossi
HEAT Patron