Individuals & Others
Our work is made possible through the support of our corporate, government, community and content partners, together with that of many individuals. 

We are enormously grateful  and send a huge THANK YOU to all of our supporters for their financial, in-kind, pro bono and moral support in helping us achieve such great outcomes for young people.

Yasmeen Akhtar
Ruth Allen
Ben Anderson
Margarita Babatzanis
Ross Beeley
Emma Blazkow
Luke Campbell
Caulfield Park Community College
Anthony & Dominic Cavallo
Chris Coats
Katrina Cooke
Gary Cooper
Richard Cornish
Emma Crichton
Ian Curley
Angela & Matt Dawson
Shehan Dhanapala
Isabella Di Mattia
Tom & Amara Doolan
Inspector Chris Duthie
Robert Earp
Lou Esbury
Chris Ellard
Kylie Galea
Aisling Gallagher
Delwyn Goodrick
Tahlia Greive
Luke Groves
Senior Sergent Timothy Hansen
Neil Hargreaves
Sebastian Harvey
HEAT Participants
Amber Henry
Iain Hewitson
Helen Higgins
Assistant Commissioner Gary Jamieson
Michael Jaspers
Detective Inspector David Jones
Steve Jones
Tom Kartel
Robert Liew
Lynall Hall Community School
Luke Mangan
Michael Mangan
Andrew Mcconnell
Louise McLaren
Jess McLaren
Gill Meek
Angela Middleton
Sioban Murnane
Vanessa Murnane
James Murphy
Stephen Nankervis
Natalie O’Brien
Jeffery Paul
Michael Pickett
Stephen Powell
Adrian Richardson
Dianne Richter
Donna Rogers
Angie Scanlon
The Scanlon Foundation
Roger Schranz
Assistant Commissioner Kevin Scott
Greg Smith
Shane Steward
Peter Streker
Bronwyn Stuart
Graham Sutherland
Robyn Szechtman
Stanley & Vicki Teschke
Cate Thompson
Ryan Thompson
Julia Topliss
Rose Torscasio
Sam Tresise
Aaron & Astrid Turner
Wendy Van Dort
Caroline Walsh
Kylie Warfe
Adam Whitbread
Trevor Wilden
Andrew Williamson
Jeffery Wilson
Kate Wilson
Mark Wright
Teresa Zolnierkiewicz

Thanks also to the many other people who have in some way been involved with HEAT and helped us to become a highly recognised and valuable contributor to our community.